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PS2010G 8-port Gigabit Layer 2 Managed PoE switch

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PS2010G 8-port Gigabit Layer 2 Managed PoE switch
AI VLAN: Avoid the internet storm and enhance the network ability
AI Extend: Extend 250M transmission
AI PoE: Automatic self checking, reboot the device while find it fake dead
AI QoS,Video data first, more fluent transmission.

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Hãng sản xuất: HORED
AI Smart POE Switch, 8* 1000Mbps RJ45 port( POE is available), 2* 1000Mbps SFP port.Support the management of Apollo cloud.
5 working modes:
Standard mode: All ports communicate freely;
AI VLAN: Avoid the internet storm and enhance the network ability;
AI Extend: Extend 250M transmission;
AI PoE: Automatic self checking, reboot the device while find it fake dead;
AI QoS,Video data first, more fluent transmission.

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 A new generation of high-performance hardware and software platforms that provide flexible, cost-effective Gigabit access and uplink ports. Supports complete security protection mechanisms, comprehensive ACL/QoS policies, and various VLAN functions. It is easy to manage and maintain, and meets the user's needs for easy management, high security and low cost for network devices, applicable for network access, aggregation and core application scenarios in campus, hotel and enterprise areas.Support ОС Linux Kernel version 3.18 in web site.Support the management of Apollo cloud.

【Product introduction】
· 8 1000Mbps RJ45 ports (support PoE power supply)
· 2 Gigabit  SFP ports
· Supports 5 working modes: standard switching, AI VLAN, AI Extend ,AI PoE,AI QoS mode.
· Support port management,PoE management, link aggregation, spanning tree,loop protection,multicast,and attack defense
· Support HI PoE,IEEE802.3af/at,Max.46W output power single port
· Total power:150W

【Support APOLLO visual cloud management operation and maintenance-"139" mode】
· 1: The equipment is centralized on one platform, namely the APOLLO platform, which manages operations and maintenance in a unified manner.
· 3: The device can be managed, operated, and maintained in three ways: mobile, PC, and local.
· 9: APOLLO platform can realize 9 core technical service sections——cloud topology, resource visualization, risk early warning, prevention before they occur, AI blessing intelligent scheduling, business analysis and decision-making support, real-world map, fast fault location, cloud Operation and maintenance, configuration, upgrade batch processing, multi-user, multi-dimensional authority, hierarchical management and control, open interfaces, and customer service import.

【Intelligent control】
· Standard switching mode: All ports communicate freely, suitable for ordinary data transmission environment.
· AI VLAN mode: Separating 1-8 ports from each other, can effectively restrain network storm and improve network performance.
· AI Extend mode: Designed for monitoring application scenarios, 1-8 ports support 250 meters long distance power supply.
· AI PoE mode:Automatic self checking, reboot the device while find it fake dead
· AI QoS mode:Video data first, more fluent transmission
· Intelligent PoE management:Custom port PoE output power, custom PD working time, custom port priority.
· Hardware watchdog:Monitor the working status of the equipment and find abnormal quick restart.

【Powerful multi-service processing capabilities】
· Supports IEEE 802.1Q VLANs, MAC VLANs, IP VLANs, and voice VLANs. You can flexibly assign VLANs according to different requirements.
· Supports GVRP to implement dynamic VLAN distribution, registration, and attribute propagation. This reduces manual configuration and ensures correct configuration.
· Supports the VLAN VPN function. The public network access device encapsulates the outer VLAN tag for the private network packets of the user, so that the packets carry two VLAN tags across the public network.
· Support QoS, support port-based, 802.1P-based and DSCP-based three priority modes and WFQ, SP, WRR, SP+WRR four queue scheduling algorithms.
· Supports ACLs by configuring matching rules, processing operations, and time permissions to filter packets and provide flexible security access control policies.
· Supports IGMP V1/V2 multicast protocol and supports IGMP Snooping to meet the requirements of multi-terminal HD video surveillance and video conference access.
· Supports PoE management POE power limitation, POE chip status check, setting PoE port priority, and custom PoE power supply time period.
· Support hardware watchdog, the device has a suspended animation state and automatically restarts to resume normal working state.
· Support IPV6 Ping, IPv6 Tracert, IPv6 Telnet IPV6 SSH IPv6 SSL.

【Complete security protection mechanism】
· Supports IP address, MAC address, and port ternary binding to filter packets.
· Supports ARP protection, and protects against ARP spoofing and ARP flood attacks, such as gateway spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks.
· Support IP source protection to prevent illegal address spoofing including MAC spoofing, IP spoofing, and MAC/IP spoofing.
· Supports DoS protection and supports attacks such as Land Attack, Scan SYNFIN, Xmascan, and Ping Flooding.
· Supports 802.1X authentication, provides authentication functions for LAN computers, and controls the authorization status of controlled ports based on the authentication results.
· Supports port security. When the port learns the maximum number of MAC addresses, it stops learning to prevent MAC address attacks and control port network traffic.
· Support DHCP Snooping to effectively prevent private DHCP servers and ensure the legality of the DHCP server.

【Various reliability protection】
· Support loop protection, automatically detect switch loop status, and block loop ports.
· Supports the STP/RSTP/MSTP spanning tree protocol to eliminate Layer 2 loops and implement link backup.
· Supports spanning tree security to prevent devices in the spanning tree network from being subjected to various forms of malicious attacks.
· Supports static aggregation and dynamic aggregation, which effectively increases link bandwidth, implements load balancing, link backup, and improves link reliability.

【Easy operation and maintenance】
· Supports various management and maintenance methods such as Web network management, CLI command line (Console, Telnet), and SNMP (V1/V2/V3).
· Supports encryption methods such as HTTPS, SSL V3, and SSHV1/V2 for more secure management.
· Support RMON, system log, and port traffic statistics for network optimization and transformation.
· Supports cable detection, ping detection, and Tracert detection operations to easily analyze failed network nodes.
· Support LLDP to facilitate the network management system to query and judge the communication status of the link.
· Supports CPU monitoring, memory monitoring, ping detection, Tracert detection, and cable detection.

Thông số kỹ thuật

8 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 port 2 gigabit SFP fiber port 1 Console port
1000Mbps full Duplex,8个10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 port support PoE+ power Total max 150W Single port max 30W
Network protocol and standard
IEEE802.3i、IEEE802.3u、IEEE802.3x、IEEE802.3z  IEEE802.3ab,IEEE802.3af IEEE802.3at
Bandwidth:20GbpsPacket forwardingrate:14.88Mpps Forwarding mode:store-and-forward Support 8K MAC address table
10 Link/Act LED indicator 8 POE LED indicator1 Power LED indicator1 SYS LED indicator
Input power
Operating temperature:0°~40°C;storage temperature:-40~70°COperating Humidity:10%~90%,non-condensing;Storage Humidity:5%~95%,non-condensing
Size (LxWxH):285mm×180mm×44mm


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